New Endeavors in the Health Journey

I have a confession to make…

when it comes to my blog, I have been a slacker lately!  In fact, I even started a post back in March only to leave it half written and sitting idle as a draft.  However, I would love to provide some background information as to why.

Last Fall, I had the privilege to meet an amazing woman, Valerie Early, and her colleague Lauren Chaves.  Valerie is the owner of an integrative health practice just outside of Chicago, IL treating a variety of comprehensive conditions with focus on nutrition, individual testing, and lifestyle approaches.  Using innovative methods such as consultations through telephonic and digital platforms, and professional speaking engagements, the practice has been able to reach people on a global level.

In fact, we connected so well that we started talking about ways I could play a role in her clinical practice.  As a life long learner of nutritional science and lifestyle protocols, the opportunity to work with this practice has been exciting, rewarding, and, best of all, healing in some ways.  Over the last several months, I have already learned so much from Valerie and expect this to continue over time.  Through the professional resources and connections I have begun to gain through the scope of the practice, I am able to further support myself and positively contribute more to the lives of my friends, family, and colleagues.

Although I’m not a clinician, my training in public health, behavior change, and health research paired with my individual journey with nutrition and, more recently, autoimmune disease has allowed for me to help others through health education and advocacy.  As we shaped out the role I would play, streamlining and drafting content for the company blog emerged as one of the faucets.  Over the last six months, I have been adjusting to the addition of this ancillary role and the time management aspect.  Therefore, my personal blog took a hit.

Going forward, I have some new great ideas to share with you.  I plan to get back on my 1-2 posts per month schedule while continuing to share other great resources, recipes, and posts by other bloggers.

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