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National Kale Day 2016 is October 5th!

There is nothing quite like smaller, symbolic holidays.  One of my favorites is National Kale Day.  I wrote up a summary of this last year and will, therefore, not regurgitate the same information.  This year, I’ll share my favorite way to eat kale.  “How’s that?” you ask…

Raw, massaged, and well dressed!  

To do this is simple.  The idea of massaging the kale is to tenderize the hearty green making it more palatable.  Some will massage it for 2-3 minutes, then dress, while others will partially dress it and massage all in one.  I prefer to latter option.  Although a little messier on the hands, I feel it infuses more flavor and uses a little less acidic liquid (lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, ginger, etc).  I also make all my own salad dressings in order to best control ingredients.

First, you want to strip the kale.  (If you don’t know what I mean by this, please visit YouTube for a visual.  Here is one option – https://youtu.be/IUyNTLXE9TE).

Second, chop or slice the kale.  Some prefer to slice it into ribbons.

Then, add an acidic based liquid and massage away.  After that is complete, add the remainder of your dressing and toss.  For a dressing, I keep it simple; 1/2-1 part lemon juice (or sometimes ginger juice), 2 part cold-pressed olive oil, & a dab of raw honey (1 tsp-1 tbs).

Finally, mix in your choice of complimentary items such as nuts, berries, avocado, or other fruits and vegetables.

Voilà!  Happy, Healthy, Kale Salad!

To learn more about this ever so relevant holiday, please visit the website; http://nationalkaleday.org/.

October 7th, 2015 is National Kale Day!

Across several decades, American culture has designated honorary “days” of the year to commemorate various faucets.  Each have been significant to something culturally relevant and, often, trend specific.  National Kale Day rings in its third honorary year October 7th, 2015.  #NationalKaleDay

So why are we celebrating this age-old vegetable?  After all, despite pop-culture’s portrayal, kale is nothing new.  It grew freely and steadfast in my great-grandmother’s backyard garden and likely many other gardens.

However, kale has become a bit of a figure-head these days.  A member of the cruciferous family and highly appreciated for nutrient density, it is the latest rage.  It serves as a symbolic representative in ambassador activities geared at shifting cultural norms back to nutrient-dense, whole foods.

In fact, this is exactly what Drew Ramsey, MD and Jennifer Iserloh (The Skinny Chef), part of the grassroots organization Team Kale[1], wish to promote.  Underlying this primary goal is the mission to highlight kale’s culinary versatility and its ease to grow (National Kale Day, 2013-2015).

In efforts to make it a mainstream vegetable, National Kale Day was launched (2013-2015).  Kale has, with all due respect, taken one for the team by serving in the spotlight and bringing greater light to national nutrition standards.

Therefore, when you see a few extra kale plugs across social media and other faucets this week, you will have a plausible explanation.  Be sure to keep an eye out for your timely reminder to “Keep Calm and Kale On” :).

[1] Be sure to check out Team Kale’s assortment of resources and tool kits at http://nationalkaleday.org.


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